No separate agriculture budget: Narendra Singh Tomar

13 Feb 2022
5 min read

News Synopsis

In a question asked by DMK member T R Baalu, Why the government is not considering bringing a separate agriculture budget, Union Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Minister, Mr.Narendra Singh Tomar said that there is no need for a separate agriculture budget as the government is already committed to resolve farmers issues and to make welfare policies. It was during a discussion going on during the Question Hour in the lower house of the Parliament- Lok Sabha. He told that there is used to be a separate railway budget in the past, but the government successfully merged it with its main budget and there have been fruitful results since then. He said: “The budget, whether one or two, should have a direction, adequate provisions and spirit to implement them, Keeping a separate budget (for agriculture), taking out allocations from the main budget, would neither benefit the country nor the farmers”.


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