Neet Ug 2021 Exam Dates Announced, Application Process To Begin From Today Onwards

31 Jul 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

The pandemic has everything stopped for a while now. Its been more than a year since all the schools and colleges were closed due to the covid-19 virus. The online classes were still going on, but the process was not the same anymore. Many competition examinations were also postponed, firstly because of the viruses and then the deadly second wave, which shook the whole nation.

Finally, after a lot of delays, the NEET examinations have got a date for the examination. The examination will be held on 13 September. It is important to follow all the measures to stop the spread of the virus. Everyone who comes for the examination needs to have the mask on and use the sanitizer. Along with the students, everyone who is going to be present there needs to follow the norms. This is the only way, we can stop the virus from spreading. Another thing that government can do is to make sure that everyone who is attempting for the exam is vaccinated. It could be a tough process but it is necessary to stop the virus from spreading.


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