NEET Skewed Results In Favour Of English-Medium, Well-Off, Urban, CBSE Kids, Tamil Nadu Panel Finds

17 Sep 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

The decision of Tamil Nadu to exempt the students from NEET for getting admission might become a milestone if the bill is signed by the president. NEET in 2017 is a common entrance exam for students who want to pursue MBBS. The committee that was set up to examine the NEET effect has come to a conclusion that such exam benefits for English Medium schools, largely CBSE as the curriculum for NEET and CBSE board exam is almost the same. The most affected are the state board and rural students. To clear such a competitive exam, one needs to prepare accurately, and the fee of coaching is not affordable to many in rural areas and it gives them a disadvantage. But if this bill is passed, wouldn’t it cut off the Tamil Nadu students from the rest of the country. If the student wants to take admission in the top medical college of the country, they still have to prepare for NEET and that is something the government has to consider that medical institutes in the country are not confined to Tamil Nadu.


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