Mumbai Lockdown Update BMC Revises COVID Guidelines Announces Relaxations Read Details

16 Aug 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

We have been following news around COVID-19 constantly and have been saying from day one that re-opening the economy at such a crucial time, without properly laying out strict guidelines and rules is a silly mistake. We all know the aftermath of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The mistakes that lead to it are again being repeated without any sort of planning. All the states are so eager to re-open their economy and make all the public spaces available to people that they are conveniently ignoring to bring in strict guidelines. Maharashtra government is doing the same in terms of safety and precaution. Earlier they had opened up local trains for all the people, vaccinated or not. That was in itself a huge decision that should've been thought out well but they went ahead with it. Now they have opened beaches and other public spaces.

The major fear that we have in our mind is the rapid spread of the delta variant of the virus, which, if it happens, would bring the third wave to the country. Our healthcare infrastructure is not built to handle another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic which is why the state government should plan the unlock stage rather than doing it instinctively. Yes, the economy should be re-opened but the health and safety of the public should come first. Only after the state government, as well as the center, has taken all the proper measures to safeguard the lives of an average citizen, then only should the economy be opened up.


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