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13 Mar 2023
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Microsoft announced on March 6 that the native Outlook for Mac app is now available on the App Store for free for macOS users. In contrast to Microsoft 365 with Outlook, which often requires a subscription or the Office for Mac bundle, the app works in conjunction with Outlook for iOS and enables users to integrate their, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and IMAP accounts into Outlook. Ads will be present in the Outlook for Mac free version, but there may be an option to subscribe to a paid, ad-free tier that offers many of the same features.

According to Apple, the Progressive Web App (PWA) version it tested in Windows is different from the Apple-native redesign.

Redesigned Outlook features for Mac

Microsoft stated that because Outlook for macOS is created for Apple Silicon, it performs and syncs more quickly than earlier, non-native versions. Outlook reminders can be viewed in the Notification Center. Microsoft intends to release calendar event previews for the Apple version in the near future, along with a Menu Bar widget.

The following are some of the most important features Mac users can expect to see in the Microsoft Outlook free version:


Switching between iOS and Mac is made simpler with the Handoff feature. On iOS or Mac devices, users can access messages created in Outlook for Mac. This might enable a person to start writing an email on their desktop and finish it while they're on the move on their phone.

Outlook Profiles

Outlook Profiles, another feature Microsoft hopes to release for Outlook for Mac in the future, will allow users to link their email addresses to Apple's Focus tool. Notifications from Outlook Profiles won't be sent while the Focus experience is activated. For instance, a user might configure Focus to only notify them of work-related emails and not personal ones.


The "best of both worlds" features created on top of Outlook's existing tools are utilized by some capabilities of Outlook for Mac. When users want to balance work and personal time or numerous work inboxes, they can use the All-Accounts view to view multiple inboxes simultaneously.

Focused Inbox

The Focused Inbox feature in Outlook for macOS enables users to prioritize messages by pinning or snoozing them. Meeting and event invitations can be displayed in the same window by using the Open My Day feature, an interactive calendar, which can be opened in the task pane next to the inbox.

With Windows 11, the Outlook app is expected to take the role of the Mail and Calendar apps. Moreover, Apple offers its own Mail and Calendar applications, with Outlook for Mac available as a substitute. Microsoft underlined that Outlook's built-in productivity capabilities, which allow users to prioritize messages, are what set it apart.

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