Meet Jared The Billionaire Pilot Heading To Space

13 Sep 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

What are the chances that a high school dropout guy is not only going on a 3 days space journey but also controlling it? And on top of that what are the chances that he is funding the rest of the seats on the mission? Well, if you were thinking of some probability from the first question, it would have drastically dropped by the second one. But here’s the man who has defied this astronomically low probability. Jared Issacman, a high school dropout, who according to Forbes, at the age of 28 began what is now known as Draken International. Jared is currently the CEO and founder of Shift4Payments. At the age of 38, this billionaire holds several world records. Jared is an aviation enthusiast, who is going to control the mission in outer space and is also funding the seats of the rest of the three civilians by giving SpaceX an undisclosed amount.


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