Made for Each Other- Blind teen swimmer and guide dog ready for 2021 Paralympics

31 Aug 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

This encouraging piece of knowledge will undoubtedly make you cry. Do you ever imagine being disabled and depending upon someone else for survival throughout life? Animals are the most innocent and pure souls, they are extremely vulnerable, just like us. Because of the instinctive nature of animals and pets in general, they are most likely to take care of their owners. Dogs are often known as protective barriers of humans, they act as steel to shield when it comes to saving their owners from impending disaster. There are several reasons why dogs are deemed appropriate as perfect pets. Their language is spoken roughly through gestures and body movements. Dogs are not just fluffy creatures but also melt human hearts with their innocent expressions. Researchers have concluded that dogs are most likely to bring peace of mind in a person's life, this narrative is absolutely true! The way dogs are pampered and petted in our country gives us enough glimpse of the love for dogs is inevitable. Even in trying times, pets can turn any dull day into the sunshine! There have been certain incidents where most of us were forced to go into the phase of depression, but kudos to little creatures who hold the status as pets. Our lives have been brought to sudden ease! The same thing happened with Anastasia Pagonis, who unfortunately lost her eyesight at the age of 14. But with the help of her pet dog, Radar she completed her Paralympics swimming training.


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