MCC Replaces The Term Batsman With A Gender Neutral Term Batter

24 Sep 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

Sports have always been dominated by men and women have always been discouraged to take part in them because it is supposed to be ’manly’. However as we all have moved forward as a society, women have begun to take part in every field, be it sports or the army, that were traditionally considered to be for men. But since the laws are rigid and protected by the gatekeepers of our society who have always been problematic, to begin with, there are many issues brimming within these structures that make it hard for women to give them an equal ground. With the feminist movement gaining momentum across the world, women have begun to put forth and fight for what they believe will give them an equal place in society. Amongst the whole discussion around gender and gender equality, language plays a very important role. 

Language has its own politics which often seems to gatekeep traditional values, that has no place in a modern society like ours. The decision taken by MCC to replace the term ‘Batsman’ with the gender-neutral term ‘Batter’ is commendable for now women don’t have to take on the tag of some other gender. Since cricket has always been seen as a sport for men, the terms used in the game are highly men-oriented. But this change is hugely welcome and shows that we are moving in the right direction. Now all MCC has to do is to raise awareness around how underpaid women cricketers are, compared to their male counterparts.  


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