Kerala’s Startup Boom

21 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Everyone is aware that India is an emerging startup destination. With a hundred fresh ideas every day, the growth of the startup sector is at its peak for the past few years. News has reached that Kerela CM has launched a new digital plan at Technology Innovation Hub at Kochi in association with Kerela Startup Mission. The organization is going to be a designing and prototyping center. With this latest addition to the Innovation and Technology Zone, an estimated area of 4 lakh sq ft. This initiative has now been labeled as the “largest startup space in South Asia”. 

It is highly promising to have startup hubs in the country that have grown 13 times since they were launched only two years ago and are providing jobs to 35,000 people in the state. The chief minister of Kerela is confident that by 2026, the startup drive launched by the state government will be able to support around 15,000 startups and provide extra monetary funds, or loans of about one crore without collateral security for investment. Such drives will not only encourage youth to come up with fresh ideas but also will be a measure to provide employment and most importantly discourage potential brain-drain from the country. 



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