Italy To Set Up Sustainable Startups For Future

18 Oct 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

Italy office who have decided to create a platform to help and support all the unique and fresh ideas, coming from all the countries of the G20 union, which can help the planet become sustainable and save itself from the climate crisis. It has also been reported that other organizations will invest and fund ideas which will be considerable. This news comes as Italy prepares to hold a G20 summit in Rome from 30-31st October. 

At Sorrento, Italy, ministers of the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, and Economic Development along with the Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio inaugurated G20 Innovation while highlighting the international attention to climate action and future goals with regard to sustainability. At the event, much stress was laid on the fact that some institutions and companies cannot let alone help the planet become sustainable, but if sustainable entrepreneurial practices are brought into action, the world can be a better place. Certain issues such as smart cities, healthcare, and green technology are among some key factors upon which the main action is to be taken. 

If organizations from across the world are brought together, one gets an idea that change is the way of the world and the need of the hour is to save the planet, international cooperation will surely bring about better results as is believed by G20 Innovation. The Startup categories divided by the G20 Innovation are in the following divisions- Artificial intelligence, Clean Technology, IoT Technology, Wearable Devices, Smart Cities, New Mobility, and Future healthcare. 


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