Israeli Woman Donates Her Kidney To A 3-Year-Old Palestinian Boy In Gaza

06 Aug 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

This piece of news will put a big smile on your face, if you had a hectic day and want to seek out from all the hustle of life, you have come to the right place. The ongoing battle of the Gaza strip and Israel can be spoken at length without any positive outcomes. After all the negativity surrounding tabloids, we finally have a brave mother Idit Harel Sega who hails from Israel. She brought humanity back to life when she extended an arm to a Gaza boy by donating her own kidney. What is surprising is that it was her birthday and she just turned 50 on this day. Well, what a lovely gift she bestowed upon her. It did not just make millions of people smile but also helped in saving a toddler’s life. There are very few people such as this wonderful woman, she surely deserves all the applause and much appreciation. Amidst all the bad news around the world, this woman is making a big difference by her act of kindness. We are all so caught up reading information on the internet that we tend to forget there’s so much good around us. 


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