Is Instagram down right now? Several customers have reported that they are unable to use the website or app

04 Sep 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

If there is one app that the youth can't live without is Instagram. Millions of youth enjoy their share of fame because of this popular social media app. It has made many careers boom in an instant, the credit goes to various brands supporting micro and macro influencers on Instagram. Rather, this app is an inseparable part of today's youth. It's not necessary to post daily updates on the app but being a serial stalker of cheesy-peasy content that makes one laugh can reduce our stress. However, since the past couple of hours, the technical issues faced by millions of app users have really left them agitated.

Even if the app is down for mere hours, this annoys netizens to the next level. Recently, it was reported that around the world, users of Instagram could not even get a slight glimpse of their home feeds as they did not appear to load. Though the issue seems to be unascertained, the makers of the app are yet to reveal what went wrong in the first place. This app promises to keep the millennials and gen-z on their toes. Instagram surely isn't an unhealthy addiction that some claim but a source to get quick updates from around the world. Just imagine a day without Instagram? our lives would become as hollow as a dark well, and the depths of loneliness could become really hard to swallow.  


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