Introduction Of The Up Bill

31 Jul 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath passed a new population-related bill this week. A drastic measure was taken by the government to counteract the population in Uttar Pradesh. The bill proposes denying government jobs, promotions, subsidies and the right to contest local elections to anyone who has more than two children.  With the overarching idea of this bill being rooted in overpopulation, which is a major area of concern in India, however, there are some possible loopholes that might obstacle its implementation.  

Many contests if the image of a less crowded place comes at a much larger cost. Female infanticide is an issue that still exists in the country. The inability to have a male child even after 2 children can lead to more unsafe pregnancies and even rises in cases of female infanticide. This then puts pressure on women and deprives them of agency over their bodies as many would be forced to have unsafe and sex-selective abortions.  Similar 2 child policies have been implemented at different times in the past by various MP’s.

But, were revoked shortly after due to loopholes and inability to administer it. It will be an interesting turn of events to see if UP has the same fate or comes out on top with a foolproof plan on population control. 


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