Instagram to introduce polls in comment section, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirms rollout

21 Oct 2023
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News Synopsis

Instagram, one of the leading social media platforms, is gearing up to introduce a game-changing feature that enables users to create polls within the comments section of their posts.

The revelation of this exciting development was made by none other than Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram. He shared that this groundbreaking feature is currently undergoing testing and will soon become accessible to all Instagram users.

A New Avenue for Audience Interaction

The upcoming feature, an innovative twist to user engagement, has been designed to provide creators with an additional channel to connect with their audience. Polls can be seamlessly integrated into the comments of both regular feed posts and Reels.

While this feature is presently undergoing a small-scale testing phase, the big news is that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has officially confirmed its imminent availability to the entire Instagram community.

Comment Section Polls Inspired by Stories

Instagram's comment section polls are set to emulate the engaging and familiar format seen in Stories, where poll stickers have been an interactive feature for years.

According to a shared screenshot by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, users can expect to see the number of participants in each poll. However, the duration for which these comment section polls will remain open post-publishing and whether users will have the flexibility to choose specific timeframes for receiving votes remain uncertainties.

Instagram's Focus on Enhanced Interactivity

In its ongoing pursuit of making the platform even more interactive, Instagram introduced the ability for users to incorporate GIFs into their comments earlier this year. Moreover, the platform is actively experimenting with personalized Stories experiences, offering users the ability to create multiple lists and share tailored content with select groups of people.

WhatsApp's New Multiple Accounts Feature

In related news, WhatsApp has rolled out the highly anticipated Multiple Accounts feature to its Android users. This feature enables users to simultaneously access two distinct WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone, a major upgrade from the previous single-account limitation.

Although some Android devices already allowed the creation of duplicate apps, this official feature from WhatsApp simplifies the process and enhances user convenience.

WhatsApp's Innovation in Account Management

WhatsApp's decision to offer this new feature comes as a significant development for Android users, simplifying account management and allowing them to seamlessly engage with multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Latest Instagram updates of 2023

  • Instagram multicollaborator Reels feature

Instagram has increased the number of collaborators allowed on Reels from two to four. This means that creators can now collaborate with more people on their Reels, which can help to reach a wider audience.

  • Instagram subscriptions feature

Instagram has launched subscriptions, which allow creators to charge followers a monthly fee for exclusive content. This is a great way for creators to generate revenue from their content.

  • Instagram product tags in Stories feature

Instagram has added the ability to tag products in Stories. This allows businesses to promote their products more easily and effectively.

  • Instagram Channel feature

Instagram is testing a new feature called Channel, which is a dedicated space for creators to share their content with their most engaged followers. This is a great way for creators to build a closer relationship with their fans.

  • Instagram updated Insights feature

 Instagram has updated its Insights tool to give creators more data about their account performance. This includes data on how their content is performing, as well as information about their audience.

  • No ads and no suggested posts feed: 

Instagram is testing a new feed that would not include any ads or suggested posts. This would allow users to see only the content from the accounts they follow.

  • Instagram video posts are now Reels only

Instagram has announced that all video posts will now be Reels. This means that all videos will be displayed in the same format, regardless of their length.

  • Instagram grid pinning feature

Instagram is testing the ability to pin posts to the top of a user's grid. This would allow users to highlight their most important or favorite posts.


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