Instagram's New Feature 'Take A Break' For Teens

15 Feb 2023
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Latest Updated on 15 February 2023

A new campaign with the name "Take a Break" has been launched by Instagram in several nations, including India. Take a Break will encourage Instagram users who are scrolling to sometimes step away from the app and focus on other things. Users will receive a notice from the platform informing them of the new addition.

Users "will also be provided expert-backed suggestions to assist them to reflect and reset," the portal continued. However, users will have the option to choose if they wish to continue receiving these timely messages.

According to Natasha Jog, Public Policy Manager, Instagram, Facebook India, "the well-being of young individuals is crucial to us, and we're focused on ensuring that the time spent on Instagram is planned and people feel good about it.

In light of this, we developed 'Take a Break' in order to dramatically improve the Instagram experience for Children, Parents, and Guardians. In order for young people to use Instagram to explore their interests and find Community, we want to keep working to make it a secure and welcoming place.

Instagram partners with "We The Young" to launch the feature in India through the "Break Zaroori Hai" campaign. The month-long campaign will highlight situations in which young people could make use of this function.

In order to produce multilingual content that underscores the need for users to make informed decisions about the time spent on the platform and enlightens users on how to incorporate the "Take A Break" feature into their Social Media routine, "We The Young" will collaborate with creators, Mental Health experts, and other stakeholders, Instagram said in a press release.

Take a Break will launch for iOS right now and on Android a few weeks later.

Last Updated on 12 October 2021

Recently Facebook appeared in front of a jury because of their 'harmful' algorithm. A whistleblower who worked closely with Facebook revealed that Facebook, despite knowing it is having a harmful effect on teenagers, continued with its Business Profit motive. This has put Facebook under a lot of scrutinies from around the world. After this, Facebook decided to make some changes to Instagram to make it less harmful for teenagers. Their new feature will be called 'take a break' and will ask teenagers to take a break from the app after a certain point in time.

This feature first appeared in the Online Game PUBG after the game was called out by many parents for being addictive for their children. Facebook seems to be following the same footprints. Although the feature could do some good for teenagers; it wouldn't do much good in the long run. If Facebook truly cares about its teenage user base, it should work towards creating more awareness around the harmful effects of social media instead of hurrying up to develop a feature that would only do so little in the larger scheme of things.


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