Instagram Influencer Shreya Kalraa Arrested For Dancing In The Midst Of Traffic Signal

17 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

The police in Indore have detained an Instagram influencer from Madhya Pradesh for allegedly dancing on the street at a major crossroads. Model Shreya Kalra was recently caught on camera dancing to Doja Cat's viral hit song "Woman" at Rasoma Square's zebra crossing. When the traffic signal turned red, Kalra ran across the street, while automobiles halted in their tracks. People were amused and perplexed as she suddenly erupted into song and dancing. After the video went viral, Kalra received backlash for dancing in the street and blocking traffic. The minister committed to pursuing legal action against her under the Motor Vehicles Acts to prevent future occurrences of the same kind. Umakant Chaudhary, Indore's DSP Traffic, said the police had taken notice of the video. He pleaded with the general public to follow the rules and avoid partaking in illegal acts for the sake of amusement. and released a statement warning young people against putting their lives in danger in order to earn more likes on social media. He said he understood the point of the films, but he advised them to shoot them in public places like a mall or a park instead. The authorities were looking into the incident, as well as the cameraperson's participation in it.


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