Indian-Americans Begin Early Celebration Of 75th Independence Day Of India

14 Aug 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

India is Celebrating its 75th Independence Day this year. But what about those Indians who live abroad. Yeah, they are also Indian. They are also not sitting idly there. They are also celebrating India’s 75th Independence Day.

In a bid to mark the 75 years' milestone of India's independence, thousands of Indian-Americans have already initiated early celebrations in various parts of the United States of America. As a mark of jubilation, the Federation of Indian Associations would unfold the largest ever flag at Times Square, New York on Sunday. From the US Capital to the mansions of several governors across the country, India’s 75th Independence Day is being celebrated like a festival everywhere. Several buildings in the US, are being lightened with Indian tri-color over the weekend, while another group of Indian-Americans is celebrating the 75th Independence Day over a ferry on the Hudson River. Last week, Indian Americans living in the Long Island part of New York organized an Independence Day parade as well. The announcement further noted that Stamford city will honor the Indian community; which is an integral part of the city’s diversity, for their success, and wish them a great future.


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