India Vaccinations Cross 75 Crore Doses, 43% Coverage At This Rate By December

14 Sep 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

India holds 2nd place in the list of most populated countries. Whether it be Covid-19 or Influenza, the burden of holding the largest vaccination drive in a democratic nation has always fallen on India’s shoulders. In a country that is well known for its medical achievements, India started slowing on vaccination. Some credit has to go to the rumors about the side effects of the vaccine floating around. But with spreading positive awareness and increasing production India has tremendously improved its way of dealing with the deadly disease. The country has confidently set a target of vaccination 200 vaccines by the end of this year. India has already delivered 75 crore vaccinations till this year. The vaccination is still ongoing and the cases are also still coming out day by day. So, along with the efforts of the government, the public also needs to follow the guidelines for the prevention of the Corona Virus.



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