India increased Fertilizer Imports from Canada, Israel.

16 Mar 2022
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News Synopsis

India is planning to increase its import of fertilizer from Canada and Israel. This decision is to make sure there is sufficient stock for the upcoming sowing season as the imports from Russia have been disrupted due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Fertilizer minister Mansukh Mandaviya said: "This time we have made advance preparations for kharif (summer-sown crop) season. We need about 30 million tonnes of fertilizers and arrangements are in place." India is one of the biggest importers of fertilizer as it is an agriculture-centric nation. Agriculture Sector is one of the biggest sectors in India. It employs about 60% of the country's workforce and accounts for 15% of the $2.7 trillion economy. India imports around 4 million to 5 million tonnes of potash annually for its agriculture sector and one-third of these imports come from Belarus and Russia. Shipping routes have been closed off and western sanctions on Moscow, which has described its actions in Ukraine as a "special military operation", have made it difficult to trade with Russian and Belarusian companies after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to the sources, India will buy 1.2 million tonnes of Potash from Canada, 600,000 tonnes from Israel, and 300,000 from Jordan in 2022 to partly replace supply from Russia and Belarus to compensate for the shipment it will not be receiving from Russia and Belarus.


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