In Kharghar, Inhabitants Naturally Banded Together To Save The Environment

06 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Naresh Chandra Singh and Jyoti Nadkarni tell how they realized that if they wish to see another day of beautiful view full of ideal picturesque scenery, they must take action to protect the environment of Kharghar As has been understood by reading the report, one comes to the conclusion that Kharghar is environmentally rich, a very rare sight these days, it is full of greenery, trees, insects, wildlife, birds and fresh air, to me it sounds like a perfect getaway from the hectic life of Mumbai, but increasing human interference was resulting in deterioration of the region’s natural beauty, that was when few nature enthusiasts collected and decided to work to solve the perilous situation at Kharghar. 

If humans are to survive, nature must survive too. But fighting against the government meant exercising strict legal actions for which many people weren’t ready but the community at Kharghar did not lose their hope, slowly, through campaigns and social media, word reached others across the community and people came forward to advocate for Kharghar’s natural beauty and to preserve it. 

Certain brick kilns and air pollution were severely damaging the natural beauty of Kharghar but with the combined support of many helping hands, Kharghar is safe a haven today.




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