Implementation of NEP, 4-yr UG programme to come up in DU executive council meet on Tuesday

31 Aug 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

The New Education Policy introduced by the Government of India in 2020 has been a topic of discussion across the nation. While some believe that it will make the students more future-ready and independent from the shackles of studying extra subjects and their weightage while others believe that it is unnecessary. The NEP has been received with mixed reactions across the county. As it was presented last year, it is coming to life in 2021, the NEP is on the brink of becoming a reality with some of the meetings being held at Delhi University. Executive Council has readily agreed to implement it and bring about the required changes and approach towards a new infrastructure to actually accommodate the changes; while adopting such changes might not be easy. The council will have a meeting today and most likely approve the agendas already in discussion, there are talks of increasing the duration of undergraduate courses from a 3-year program to a 4-year program and bring more subjects and academic valuation on the basis of patterns abroad and to give international exposure while studying at Delhi University.

We believe that the NEP is like a breeze of fresh air, which will encourage students to be more enthusiastic and academically inclined in the future and shape a better tomorrow for themselves and the country. 



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