Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya Arrives In Kerala To Review The Covid-19 Situation

17 Aug 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

After the second wave of Covid-19, the government has become more careful with controlling the cases. Indian Healthcare Structure faced a hard time during the second wave, many people lost their lives due to the coronavirus. With the Indian Government is taking possible measures it is possible to stop the increasing numbers of Covid-19.

The visit from Mansukh Mandviya is a sign that the government is paying attention to the increasing number of cases and is trying its best to control the virus. One thing that we all need to understand is that we cannot totally depend on the government for the control of the virus. People need to follow the rules and regulations in order to stop the virus from spreading. We need to follow social distancing and always keep the mask on when we go out.


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