Google Launched New Features To Simplify Travel Planning, Including A Mobile-Friendly Hotel Browsing Feature

05 Apr 2023
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News Synopsis

As it prepared for the impending hectic travel season, Google plans to make traveling easier for its users. Google Search now includes a few new features designed to help travelers locate low-cost flights and hotels, as well as activities to do while on vacation. Three new Search features are intended to be quite useful for travelers, according to a recent blog post.

The first addition is a mobile-friendly hotel browsing feature, which will allow customers to search and book hotels on their mobile devices more easily. The second feature is a flight price guarantee, which assures users obtain the greatest airfare offer possible. The third function is intended to assist consumers in finding activities and things to do while on vacation, making vacation planning much more simple.

Let's take a look at these new features and see how they may help travelers.

Browsing for Hotels

Previously, searching for hotels on a mobile device was a time-consuming process that involved reading reviews and comparing pricing. Google, on the other hand, has created a new hotel browsing feature that is designed for mobile devices, considerably increasing the user experience. When searching for 'Hotels in Delhi,' for example, then clicking on 'see more,' visitors may explore each hotel in a swipeable narrative style.

Users may use this feature to scroll through photos of the hotel, save them for later, learn more about the surrounding area, and read a summary of the hotel's key features. Users may simply swipe up to continue browsing once they have finished exploring.

Saving on flights

The most exciting new feature is the price guarantee badge, which was presented as a pilot program in the United States. Users may now readily locate the lowest available price for a flight before takeoff, as determined by Google's daily pricing monitoring. Formerly, customers could only see if prices were low, normal, or high; this new emblem offers a more detailed indicator of the lowest possible price.

Finding things to do

The last feature is designed to help customers find excellent experiences and attractions around their vacation destination. When consumers search for an attraction or tour operator, they can view rates immediately on their listing and simply access a link to order tickets, according to Google. Furthermore, attractions will be accompanied by recommendations for comparable activities, giving users more possibilities to explore.


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