Google Is Introducing Magic Eraser To All Google One Subscribers

25 Feb 2023
6 min read

News Synopsis

The Pixel smartphones from Google are among the greatest Android devices available right now. Although the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are the company's greatest attempt at premium hardware to date, it is clear that the whole software experience is the primary draw to purchasing one of these phones. Magic Eraser is now available on all smartphone devices as part of a Google One subscription, so recent Pixel owners will soon have one less exclusive feature to hold over the heads of their Galaxy-owning friends.

Less than two weeks after a Super Bowl commercial showed the remarkable results Magic Eraser can produce, Google is attempting to make the tool available to everyone. Starting today, any Google One member will have access to this specific Photoshop-like feature through the Photos app on both Android and iOS. So long as they continue to pay for One membership, anyone who traded in their Pixel for a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can continue to use Magic Eraser.

But, Pixel aficionados should relax because there is also some good news for you. If you currently own a pre-Tensor device, such as a Pixel 5a or Pixel 5, you can use Magic Eraser without having to pay a subscription. Although Google says it will take a few weeks to roll out to everyone, you can start using the tools in Photos right away.

As it has done over the past few years, Google is also introducing a few new editing features to Photos for One members and Pixel users starting today. Subscribers have access to a new HDR video effect that seeks to balance the lightest and darkest areas of any given clip, much like the one that is accessible for photos. Every Photos user will soon have the opportunity to apply Styles to only one photo in a collage in addition to receiving new collage Styles for One members and Pixel owners.

Finally, you now get free shipping on all print orders if you have One subscription, which is now almost a need since the end of free Photos storage. Even though this only applies to shipping to destinations in the US, Canada, the EU, and the UK, it should remove one of the main barriers to receiving physical copies of your photo collection.


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