Gmail App Can Make Calls Now Google Announces Its Biggest Update

10 Jan 2023
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Latest Updated on 10 January 2023

With a recent update users of Gmail App for Android and iOS can now make fast calls directly from the Chat Tab without first having to create an invitation link.

If you click on the phone or video camera buttons in the upper right of the chat screen you may now make in-app one-to-one calls a feature that was first revealed earlier this year.

Even though the global distribution of this new function started yesterday not all users can yet access or use it. We were unable to try it out at the time this article was written but we plan to do so as soon as the feature is made public.

When users could previously start calls directly from the Gmail app they had to first create an invitation link in Google Meet. For quick one-on-one catch-ups, this wasn't exactly ideal. The most recent Gmail upgrade should greatly improve usability and remove the necessity for switching between several apps.

If you start a call using the independent Google Chat app after downloading the update Google claims that you will be automatically redirected to the Gmail app.

It looks like the digital giant is trying to make Gmail its primary center for communication. According to screenshots provided by Google, the update will update the lower-right tabs to display Mail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet.

We're going to walk you through it now if you've already downloaded your Gmail update and are trying to figure out how to contact someone using the Gmail app.

Last Updated on 11 September 2021

Google recently announced that it will add the calling feature to the Gmail app. This 'ring' feature will allow users to talk to other people using Google meet but through the Gmail app. This feature is implemented accordingly will fulfill the company's larger goal of a centralized ecosystem for all Google devices. Google's decision to add a calling feature in Gmail is monumental for the company in a lot of ways. If this calling feature is rolled out you'll be able to finally call others using the Gmail app. 

Google also said that in the future they are also looking to add the calling feature to Google Meet. But the decision to add the calling feature to Gmail just gives us a glimpse of how important the app is for Google's ecosystem. This will make sure that Gmail becomes the central hub for all Google devices and Google applications. This centralization has already been pulled off by Microsoft Outlook. Now time will only tell if Google is able to match the tech of Microsoft Outlook. It will also be interesting to see how Google users react to this feature.  


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