Fumor, The Miniature Robot By NIT-Rourkela to Aid Patients, Elderly

02 Sep 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

Our country is being developed day by day, new technologies are coming to serve mankind and are becoming our daily habits.

One of the greatest innovations of mankind is robots. A Robot can do anything. Not only in mechanics, but robots are also here in the field of Education, in restaurants, in Hospitals, Offices, everywhere. Now, to give the latest news, NIT-Rourkela has come up with another robotics that is foreseen to act as a personal companion of those in bed at hospitals or elderly person at home, it is the functional primary model of the Flexible Universal Modular Robot (FUMoR) Version 1.0.

It is basically made for the treatment of elderly patients, and to serve them. FUMOR version 1.0 is capable of intelligent and competent holding of very small objects such as medicines, cotton balls, paper clips, spoons, and other engineering and medical components. This miniature robot's flexibility, and infrared sensor,  everything make it quite unique and impressive. It is really an amazing innovation and let’s wait to see this robot working for us. 


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