After 14 Years, Indian Woman Leaves Canada To Become Natural Farmer In Tamil Nadu

31 Jul 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

If you talk about food, vegetables, or anything that we buy from the market, there is not a single item that can be found chemical-free. That’s why herbal and ayurvedic products have so much demand. However, when it comes to veggies, they are natural, but the problem is that the use of chemicals in farming made them harmful. It is causing us to become so broken and ill that it is unimaginable. Jayalakshmi stated in this news item that her daughter began to develop allergies. 

But this situation has a solution, which Jayalakshmi also started to process. Being natural and self-sustainable. She started to grow crops, paddy, veggies, and other spices. This is not only a great help for herself but also can be a very good start-up idea. Create your own field and start growing all sorts of fruits, vegetables, spices, and also Pulses. There is nothing more flexible and profitable than being self-sustained. These types of chemical-free, and natural food has a lot of market and customer demand. You can learn, bio-composting and also can be trained in harvesting every type of crop like, Jayalakshmi did. She is not only providing organic vegetables to everyone but with this, she is earning a fair amount of profit fr herself and providing employment to others as well. I think we can also take the taste of chemical-free nature and can be able to know how healthy, and lucrative it can be.


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