Farmer’s Unique Marketing Idea Attracts People from 32 Countries, Helps Him Earn in Crores

02 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Marketing strategy is the inclusive plan framed particularly for achieving the marketing objectives. It is very important to know the correct marketing strategy. Here Mr. Sidhpara is one of the many farmers in India to practice organic farming or farming without the use of pesticides and chemicals, he uses his unique marketing idea which influences businessmen from more than 32 countries.

It’s quite amazing to hear, doesn’t it? Being a family occupation, Sidhpara was meant and passionate to enter the agricultural field. He learned a lot of organic methods for farming. Sidhpara simulated the forest model in which plants can grow with minimal intervention. He first planted fruit-bearing trees like custard apple, mango, coconut, and papaya. Not only fruits, but he also planted crops. He developed an anaerobic formula to make organic fertilizer, where he uses cow dung, jaggery, buttermilk, and rice water in a digester to make a liquid-based spray. This mixture is directly sprayed onto the roots along with water.

The most unique and surprising marketing idea, he used that, disparate the online portals where customers can place orders directly with no waiting period, Sidhpara’s harvest and value-added products have to be ordered in advance, keeping a minimum time in hand, as after their order Sidhpara will start preparing for their order delivery, it is not like other readymade delivery service but the customer will get the original, and healthy products.


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