Foreign Minister's Statement On Relations With Russia Is Being Discussed All Over The World

12 Oct 2022
6 min read

News Synopsis

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is traveling abroad continuously. His statements and India's diplomacy are also being praised a lot. On Monday, he had said that India's dependence on Russia was due to the non-supply of weapons from Western countries. At the same time, the Foreign Minister of India has also been praised for keeping a clear and sharp stand on Ukraine. While visiting Australia, he said, "Western countries are seeing that there is a military dictatorship country in our neighborhood, yet they are making its allies."

On the question of importing oil from Russia, Jaishankar had said in August, “We come from a country where per capita income is $2,000. Here people cannot buy oil at high prices. Prioritizing the interests of India, he had said, “It is our duty to provide our people with the best deals in the world so that they do not have to deal with inflation.”

On giving the F-16 package to Pakistan, the Foreign Minister had sternly told America. He said you can’t fool anyone. He had said, to be honest, this step is neither going to benefit Pakistan nor America. He had said that this could affect the relationship between India and America. Later, the US Secretary of State clarified and said that this package is being given to Pakistan to fight terrorism.

In another program, Jaishankar had said about the restrictions imposed after the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir, that the shutdown of the Internet cannot be more dangerous than the loss of someone’s life. Apart from this, he said, the way our country is a master in information and technology, in the same way, our neighbor has mastered the field of international terrorism.


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