Folk-Inspired Acrylic Paintings Are Set To Motion In This AR-Enabled Art Exhibition In Chennai

27 Aug 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

Culture has an important role in society. And art is an integral part of it. India is a country of a vast culture and has a lot of different forms of arts. You can see different art forms in different parts of India. Whether its dance, music or folk art it has a different meaning in different parts of India.But in recent years, as the trend of pop culture took over, The new generation has shown much interest in pop culture instead of traditional art. 
It is important for people to be aware about the art and culture of their own country. Following a trend is not a bad thing, but as you get along with the trends you need to have knowledge about the place you come from. And along with that the artist needs to be up to date with everything. They need to present their art in a way that it gets the attention of the people.
Manjunath Wali has taken an initiative in this direction by representing the folk art of Karnataka with the use of Augmented Reality, which helped to give motion to his art. It got the attention of the people for the new presentation of the art in a different way.
We hope that the next generation of India has knowledge about their own culture along with following the trends. And artists are given more platforms and chances to present their art.


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