Flipkart, Myntra Partner With Canopy To Advance Sustainability Efforts, Conserve Forests

31 Jul 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

E-commerce major, Flip kart, and fashion E-trailer Myntra have come forward to play their part in their sustainability commitment. Partnering with not-for-profit environment organization Canopy, they have taken a step towards sustainable packaging and material sourcing. This is a great step from both the groups and the role of forests in climate stability has been observed. Exploring sourcing of reusable, refillable shipping boxes to reduce the use of paper and encouraging the use of reusable packaging will be the key focus. There will be increased utilization of recycled materials in packaging. This step will include sourcing man-made cellulosic fibers which will reduce single-use plastics in packaging and also lead to encouraging use of scalable sustainable alternatives.
Climate change is a burning issue currently and the prime concern for all the countries around the globe, moving towards such alternatives and decisions like this encourages the creation of a sustainable environment by others as well. 


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