Flipkart Focusing On Empowering Indian Women Artisans Who Weave Magic

07 Jan 2023
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Latest Update- 07/01/2023

With the help of Flipkart Samarth and NULM, Kullu's unique traditional crafts like handcrafted woollen topis, shawls and more are now available online. This gives the women artisans a way to connect with customers all over India, explore their creativity and become financially independent.

Ritu Devi, like Ramkali and Kaushalya Devi, is an artist whose hands weave magic into the wool as she makes traditional shawls, caps, and mufflers in the foggy hills of Himachal Pradesh.

Their place of employment is usually their small house, where they labour hard and with great dedication to meet their own needs. A "kullu shawl" or "kullu topi" as they are called in Kullu-Manali is an unavoidable must-have for anyone who has visited there.

You may purchase your favourite Kullu handlooms online through Flipkart Samarth a programme launched by the e-commerce platform in July 2019 with the promise of authenticity that currently comes from the weavers. so helping the amazingly talented artists who make beautiful antique items.

Women's Self-Help Groups from Kullu, which handcraft the famed wool clothing made in the area are Ritu Devi, Ramkali, Kaushalya Devi, and many more. These groups are paid by the Deendayal Antoyadaya Yojana or National Urban Livelihoods Mission.

Last Updated- 25/09/2021

Another popular e-commerce company Flipkart is spreading a positive impact in the markets. Flipkart Samarth is a program under a partnership with NLUM for moving toward empowering women with innovation and great business ideas. The program focuses on handcraft goods across the nation. The company is trying to connect with all states of India for their handmade projects like caps, mufflers, shawls, and hand wool from Himachal Pradesh. The program will not only create a job opportunity for female artists but will also help in promoting the traditional art of different regions of India. Flipkart is proud to make a great work environment for female and humble adobe where they work a lot of dedication and relentless commitment to earn a living for themselves. It is the first time that an e-commerce business company has completely dedicated itself to female empowerment.


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