Festive Season Gives A Boost To Smartphone Sales

04 Mar 2023
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Latest Updated on 04 March 2023
According to Growth for Knowledge, a leader in data and analytics worldwide, the Premium Category of the Smartphone Market expanded more quickly over the two weeks of Navratri and Dussehra than it did during the two weeks of Shraddh.

Some Smartphone Categories, however, had Stronger Growth over the Dhanteras and Diwali Seasons.

All through the Shradh Season, Smartphone Sales have increased by 40% during Navratri and Dussehra. According to the report, the luxury sector and 5G-capable smartphones were the primary drivers of this Development.

In contrast to the previous year during the same Festival Season, 5G devices increased by 51% and represented 48% of the market during Navratri and Dussehra. In regard to value, 5G Devices added to Overall Sales to the tune of around 75% during that time.

When compared to the Navratri and Dussehra weeks, the volume of smartphones increased by 41% over Dhanteras and Diwali.

The sector with prices under Rs 15,000 saw the Biggest Gains, with volumes rising by over 50% and making up 24% of the total smartphone market. 34 percent of the total during the same period the previous year come from such Cell Phones.

"During the festival season, the Luxury Smartphone Sector surged by 60%. Revenues from smartphones across all categories increased by 38%, with the 6-6.5 "This Navratri and Dussehra compared Shradh season, screen size represented 54% by value and increased by 41%, according to Anant Jain, Head of Market Intelligence, India at GfK.

The GfK study additionally shows that between Dhanteras and Diwali, sales of 4G Devices increased by 48 percent whereas sales of 5G devices only increased by 32 percent, suggesting that manufacturers are clearing 4G-enabled inventory through Assistance Programs.

In the same time span, smartphones with 6.5-7 "Screens expanded more quickly, by around 61 percent, and made up 50% of the whole smartphone category.

Last Updated on 15 October 2021

If reports are to be believed, in the first week of sales, some 4.6 billion dollars in Gross Merchandise Value has been generated, a 32% year-on-sales growth. An overall 20% growth in customer base has also been observed. One wonders the reasons for such a large number of sales, thanks to a range of attractive offers, launch offers, and discounts have created a boom and the Brands Leave no stone unturned to compete against each other for a bigger market share. 

As the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted across the country, the demand from tier 1 and tier 2 cities is achieving new heights, more and more people are looking to get a smartphone at reasonable prices, given the fact that smartphones can help one multi-task, the demand is understandable.  As the markets and businesses have been down for the past year due to the pandemic, the offers this festive season has attracted a lot of customers, and sales have reached a new level also because of faster and safer deliveries, new customers have contributed to the share in a significant way as well, as mentioned previously, lastly, reports suggest that among all other products, smartphone market dominated the market.


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