Farmers Block Highways To Protest "Brutal" Police Action In Haryana

31 Aug 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

What happened to farmers was outright wrong. No one deserves to be treated in this way, especially the ones who feed the whole nation. Farmers have been on the road since the middle of last year and the Government has, time and again, tried to suppress their voice and disappointment with the state. Instead of acknowledging their issues and talking it out with them peacefully, the state has tried to disperse the protest and ignore farmers’ pleas. 

What happened a few days ago is just an example of the kind of apathy the government has towards farmers and their demands. On top of this, the media is determined to delegitimize the pleas of farmers. There have been countless attempts by our national media to tarnish the farmers’ movement. After all this, it’s not surprising that people have no empathy left for the farmers. Strict actions should be taken against the officer and it should be made clear that no one is above the law.


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