EXCLUSIVE: India Evacuates The Second Batch of Diplomats, Officials From Afghanistan

17 Aug 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse by the minute. The Taliban has overthrown the government of Afghanistan and is determined to take control of the country. Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan, has fled the country and has taken shelter in Oman. Amidst all this, the citizens of Afghanistan and residents who hail from other countries are scared for their life. The uncertainty of the situation has darkened the cheerful spirit of the public. People who were building their life brick-by-brick have now lost everything. 

India, meanwhile, has taken the right decision to airlift all its citizens and bring them back home. Although this decision is slightly delayed, it nevertheless is a good decision on the part of the government. As of now two batches of Indian citizens have already been brought home. The government is looking to bring all Indian citizens back to the country by the end of this week. Things are very uncertain right now and no one knows what will be the fate of Afghanistan. Only time will tell whether the nation will be ruled by the Taliban like earlier or some other fate awaits the nation.  


TWN Special