Enphase Energy Introduces Solar Batteries And Microinverters For Home Use

06 Oct 2022
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News Synopsis

Enphase Energy, a California-based company, launched its solar battery and microinverter solutions for residential customers in India.

According to Sunil Thamaran, vice president and managing director of Enphase Energy India, “We plan to move towards providing a complete home energy solution to Indian homeowners and will soon introduce grid agnostic microinverters and storage solutions in India,”

At the Renewable Energy India Expo 2022, it unveiled the IQ battery 5P and its most recent microinverters, the IQ7A and IQ8H.

The IQ battery enables clients seeking energy independence and supports home energy systems. Many Indian families already use the IQ7A microinverter because it is simple to install, effective, and trustworthy. The newest higher-current PV modules and different cell topologies are supported by the IQ8 microinverter's new variant.

According to the company, these inverters can create a micro-grid for complete energy independence, making them future-proof.

The Indian government has been promoting renewable energy through various projects, and it has set a goal to meet 50% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030.

“Technological advancements have played a huge role in driving the growth of rooftop solar in India and through events such as the REI Expo, companies like Enphase are able to showcase its innovative solutions and get a pulse of the solar industry,” the company said.

In the past five years, tens of thousands of PV systems using its technology have been built nationwide. According to Enphase, approximately 350 installer partners sell and install the company's products.

Additionally, the business asserts that it has installed more than 2.5 million systems across more than 140 countries and supplied more than 48 million microinverters.


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