EKI Energy Announces New Venture, will work to Reduce Carbon with Green Cooking

11 Jan 2022
6 min read

News Synopsis

EKI Energy Service Ltd has announced a new venture with an aim to reduce carbon emission with the Green cooking initiative. The new venture is named, GHG Mitigation Technologies Pvt Ltd. The new venture will manage the backward integration of the carbon credit supply chain through EKIESL’s community development project. 

Under this initiative, the traditional mud inefficient stoves will be replaced with improved cookstoves across rural households globally. The first phase will include the manufacturing and distribution of improved cookstoves, followed by the management generation and supply of carbon credits to companies all around the world. 

GHG Mitigation Technologies is registered with Indore (MP ROC) and will establish its manufacturing unit in Nashik, Maharashtra. 

EKIESL introduced the green cooking initiative in 2018 under a community development programme. The company provides cookstoves to economically weaker families free of cost in remote locations across the globe.

It has distributed more than 80,000 cookstoves till now and plans to scale it up to 2.5 million cookstoves in the next six months. EKI Energy was founded in 2008 and deals with climate change, carbon credit and sustainability solutions.


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