Celebration Over The Appointment Of Three Female Judges In The Apex Court, Too Soon Or Not?

15 Sep 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

This is a moment of zeal and pride when three women are chosen as the judges for the Supreme Court of India. These three women are Justice Hima Kohli, Justice Bela M Trivedi, and Justice BV Nagarathna and out of these three, there is a high chance that Justice Nagarathna would become the first female Chief Justice of India. This would obviously be a moment of pride and happiness. But there are still some critics and lawyers, who think otherwise. It has been said that although there would be a feeling of pride in every citizen of India on the occurrence of such a historic moment, it will not have any significant impact on the judiciary system as a whole. Female representation in the judiciary has been low since independence. Only 4.2% of judges appointed in the apex court to date are female. This would only be a momentous joy for the Indian judiciary system, but the real change would be when the female representation boosts up. But again, we should take pride and join in with our congratulations on such an achievement made by the respective female judges.


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