BRICS International Innovation Forum in Moscow: Fostering Global Collaboration

18 Sep 2023
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News Synopsis

Moscow, Russia - The BRICS International Innovation Forum recently took center stage as an integral part of the Moscow Urban Forum, drawing together a diverse assembly of over 5,000 participants.

Among them were experts, city leaders, and officials representing Russia, BRICS nations, Asia, and the Middle East. The event served as a dynamic platform for discussions on how modern technologies are reshaping the lives of urban dwellers, evaluating top-notch IT solutions for government sectors and businesses, and sharing valuable insights on nurturing innovators in their respective nations.

Uniting Visionaries

Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Head of the Mayor's Executive Office and the Moscow Government, underscored the significance of this inaugural event, stating, "The first BRICS International Innovation Forum brought together like-minded people from dozens of countries." The forum featured around 300 Russian and international experts who actively participated in 50 specialized sessions.

During these sessions, participants made significant strides by signing numerous agreements, including the impactful "Moscow Declaration of Innovative Development." This declaration sets the stage for collaborative efforts in the technological realm and outlines a path toward mutual progress.

Professor Muhammad Yunus,

Thematic Exploration

The three-day forum was meticulously structured, dedicating each day to one of three fundamental themes: "People," "Economy," and "City." Distinguished speakers graced the stage, including Nobel Peace Prize laureates, such as Professor Muhammad Yunus, a renowned economist, and Rae Kwong Chung, Head of the International Committee of the Global Energy Prize.

The event also attracted prominent figures like Aisha Bin Bishr, Chairman of the Dubai Future Council for Digital Operations; Khaled El-Attar, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt; Emir Kusturica, the esteemed film director; and other esteemed experts.

Moscow Declaration of Innovative Development

One of the pivotal outcomes of the BRICS International Innovation Forum was the signing of the Moscow Declaration of Innovative Development. This collaborative effort engaged the Moscow Innovation Cluster along with government bodies and industry-specific organizations from ten different states.

The declaration encompasses a wide spectrum of cooperation areas, ranging from the enhancement of digital ecosystems to the incorporation of advanced developments. It also encourages the exchange of experiences and the establishment of fruitful business partnerships.

International Agreements and Recognitions

Russian companies achieved noteworthy milestones at the forum by forging several international agreements amounting to an impressive $347 million. Notably, Moscow-based Avtonomika secured investments exceeding $320 million, with $270 million dedicated to localizing the production of its Pixel robot for utility purposes in the United Arab Emirates.

An additional $50 million was secured from Starshot Ventures, an Indian venture capital fund specializing in autonomous machines, drones, and anti-drone technologies, to advance Pixel robot-cleaner autonomous technology.

The Moscow Government was lauded with the prestigious World Innovation Award for its contributions to technology and the city's digital ecosystem. Furthermore, Natalya Sergunina received top honors in the "Innovations, Industries, Infrastructure" category, recognizing her substantial contributions toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This award, presented in seven categories, serves as a testament to the commitment to progress and innovation demonstrated by the event's participants.

A Showcase of Cutting-Edge Solutions

In addition to the insightful discussions and agreements, the forum also featured an exhibition showcasing cutting-edge solutions offered by leading Russian technology companies. This immersive experience provided guests with a firsthand look at the innovative developments shaping the future of technology.

The BRICS International Innovation Forum in Moscow has undoubtedly catalyzed global collaboration, fostering innovative ideas, and propelling technological advancements to new heights. It stands as a testament to the power of partnerships in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Relevant and latest facts for the BRICS International Innovation Forum news:

  • The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are home to over 40% of the world's population and over 20% of the global economy.

  • The BRICS countries are investing heavily in innovation, with a focus on areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital transformation.

  • The BRICS International Innovation Forum is a new initiative that aims to promote cooperation and innovation among the BRICS countries and other countries around the world.

  • The first BRICS International Innovation Forum was held in Moscow in August 2023, bringing together over 5,000 participants from over 30 countries.

  • At the forum, the Moscow Innovation Cluster and members of government bodies and industry-specific organizations from 10 states signed the Moscow Declaration of Innovative Development, outlining areas of cooperation in various areas, including improving digital ecosystems, introducing advanced developments, sharing experiences, and establishing business partnerships.

  • Russian companies also succeeded in entering into several international agreements worth a total of $347 million at the forum.

  • The Moscow Government received the World Innovation Award for its development of technologies and the city's digital ecosystem. The award is designed to recognize significant contributions to the achievement of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and is awarded in seven categories.

In addition to the above facts, here are some other relevant and latest facts about innovation in the BRICS countries:

  • Brazil is investing heavily in research and development, with a focus on areas such as renewable energy, biotechnology, and aerospace.

  • Russia is a leader in artificial intelligence and robotics, and is also investing heavily in digital transformation.

  • India is a major hub for IT and software development, and is also emerging as a leader in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

  • China is the world's leading investor in research and development, and is also a leader in many emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and quantum computing.

  • South Africa is investing heavily in digital transformation and innovation in areas such as education, healthcare, and agriculture.

The BRICS International Innovation Forum is a valuable platform for participants to share their knowledge and experiences, learn about the latest innovations, and explore new opportunities for cooperation. The forum also helps to promote the development of a more inclusive and innovative global economy.


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