Bhuj: The Pride of India Review - Starring Ajay Devgan, It Is A Sad Apology For A War Film

16 Aug 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Bhuj: The Pride of India is hard to look out for on news websites. But the movie did not bring hope to us. Every time you think that Bollywood cannot get more ridiculous with its content, the film became a flop after just unlocking the beginner level. Filmmaker Abhishek Dudhaiya could have done wonders with the actual story of 'Bhuj: The Pride Of India'. The plot relies on a real-life incident of how locals within the remote area of Bhuj, Gujarat, SquadronLeader Vijay Karnikof the IAF, who was stationed in Bhuj, was asked to rebuild the airstrip so Indian military planes could ferry soldiers to the underside to defend it against further attack. The airstrip was built overnight mainly by the women of nearby villages. So, the Airforce plains carrying the Indian army can land safely.

The hitch was that there was no labor available from within the defense forces for the work. Karnik approached villagers nearby for help. In line with the media, about 300 civilians, volunteered and reconstructed the runway within 72 hours. The CGI scenes, the sequences with fighter jets, make it appear as if someone simply rendered Sims on film. On the underside, things aren't great either, with fake explosions, everything is the type of a game fight. This type of movie largely puts a negative reaction and feedback from the viewers.



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