Betolar Introduces The First Geoprime-Made Low-Carbon Concrete Products In India

11 Oct 2022
5 min read

News Synopsis

For the Indian construction market, Betolar has introduced its first Geoprime-produced concrete products. The World of Concrete India event will feature a presentation of Geoprime products in Mumbai from October 13–15.

The next-generation low-carbon solution and a sustainable cement substitute is Betolar's Geoprime. By properly utilizing industrial side streams like fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace Slag, Geoprime enables concrete makers to produce ground-granulated blast furnace Slag (GGBS).

“We have now moved from laboratory tests into the production phase and can show concretely how well this solution works. It is great to hear the feedback from the concrete industry in the region towards our sustainable solution. Decarbonization of the concrete industry is a very current and important topic,” according to Abhishek Bhattacharya, MD of Betolar India.

“We are satisfied that our operations in India and Asian region are growing, and we have reached production stage with our first customers in India. It is only a few months since we published these cooperations in India,” according to Juha Pinomaa, vice president and regional director for Asia at Betolar Plc.

Betolar is a new materials startup with a focus on developing carbon-neutral building materials based on geopolymers for the construction sector and circular economy.


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