AirAsia India Partnered With Sugarbox, To Launch, 'AirFlix'.

23 Nov 2022
5 min read

News Synopsis

A partnership between AirAsia India and the Hyperlocal Cloud platform Sugarbox has been announced in order to provide the first-ever in-flight experience hub, named "AirFlix."

'AirFlix,' a cutting-edge solution for digital access in the skies, is accessible to all passengers on the airline's fleet. With over 6,000 hours of high-resolution content and access to 1,500+ web series episodes as well as 1,000+ international and Indian movies, "AirFlix" offers a value proposition that is exclusive to Indian skies. This service allows users to stream OTT Apps content without any buffering.

The patented Cloud Fragment technology created by Sugarbox powers "AirFlix," which gives passengers digital access that mimics the internet experience even when there is no in-flight connectivity. The in-flight ancillary platform of AirAsia India is integrated with "AirFlix" and runs in sync with it, allowing passengers to explore the menu and place orders using their own personal devices. "AirFlix" offers a wide range of customised options, including games, e-commerce, music, news articles, and more, with a speed of up to 1Gbps and storage capacity of 8TB. Guests can access "AirFlix" by visiting on their laptops, tablets, or cellphones.

AirAsia India's Chief Marketing Officer, Siddhartha Butalia, remarked on the launch: “We're excited to introduce the 'AirFlix' experience hub for fliers and to partner with Sugarbox on their pioneering technology platform, offering a wider and more diverse range of captivating content and a literally elevated user experience. We're looking forward to leveraging the potential of this platform, introducing innovative features and technological integrations even beyond in-flight dining, entertainment, and shopping, and enabling personalised experiences that provide a distinct, differentiated flying experience in a hyper-competitive market."


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