AI Will Be 'The Greatest Force For Economic Empowerment'- Sam Altman, CEO Of OpenAI

16 Feb 2023
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Since its viral launch in November, OpenAI's ChatGPT has improved noticeably, accomplishing tasks as diverse as writing songs and completing an MBA exam at an Ivy League college.

Some people are concerned that AI may replace them at work due to its wide range of capabilities. The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, doesn't share that concern, though.

Altman wrote in a tweet on Monday, "I think AI is going to be the greatest force for economic empowerment and a lot of people getting rich we have ever seen," 

Some professions will be more threatened by AI than others, experts previously told a media agency. Jobs in the law, journalism, and technology sectors are among them. But with the AI boom comes a new generation of professionals who are essential to its implementation.

Additionally, some workers are making use of the new technology to their advantage to lighten their workloads. Insider was told by lawyers, realtors, and teachers that they used ChatGPT to reduce their workloads. Additionally, ChatGPT has demonstrated significant promise in assisting workers with tasks like drafting cover letters for job applications or asking for raises.

Following his message, a Twitter user questioned Altman, "Do you have any real idea of the likely net implication of your own work? I'd guess that you can't because it may be too profound. Is it likely that even you have no idea where AI will take us?"

Altman responded  "We have some ideas, but it's a complex system and will coevolve with society. Anyone who says they really understand what the AI-future is going to look like in detail is delusional at best. A tight feedback loop and deep engagement with society seems like the best path forward."

Altman was also questioned about his forecasts for the future of AI in an interview he had last month with Connie Loizos of StrictlyVC.

At the time, he added, "I think the best case is so unbelievably good that it's hard for me to even imagine," he said at the time. "The bad case — and I think this is important to say — is, like, lights out for all of us."

He has also commented on the overuse of the tool, notably when it comes to students using ChatGPT for academic projects.


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