Agriculture Minister Tomar Launches National Food and Nutrition Campaign

27 Aug 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

India is a country where around 58% of the population depended on farming for their livelihood. And this is the reason why development of the Agriculture Sector is as important as any other sector for the growth of the economy. During the introduction of the campaign the Agriculture Minister stated the benefits of this campaign. The campaign can be helpful for the farmers. It will introduce them with the new techniques of farming. He also talked about commercial farming and how the farmers in India can focus on the production of commercial crops.
This campaign can also attract the youth into farming. It is an effort to make youth interested in farming as the young generation does not really want to take over farming as their career. The more the educated youth starts to show an interest in farming the more it is beneficial for the farmers and for the Economy of India as well. 


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