Age-Old Superstition Makes Villagers Parade Around Minor Girls Naked To Summon Rain, Police Files Complaint

07 Sep 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

India has been a land of superstition for ages. Superstitions are not limited to Indian Culture only but people all around the world believe in superstitions. These superstitions, mixed with religion and conservative values, can take a lethal turn. That’s exactly what happened in Madhya Pradesh. The recent events expose the fabric of our nation. In a patriarchal society, women will always be seen as a commodity, rather than an actual person that deserves to be seen as equal to fellow patriarchs. And the most bizarre aspect of this incident is that the police said that they will only take further actions if the girls confess that they were forced to do this. 

This proves that even our laws aren’t meant to protect innocents. If it was designed to do so, it should know that young minds are a bi-product of their environment. If these children were peddled these backward and offensive traditions from a young age, obviously they wouldn’t confess that they were forced to take part in this parade. All this captures the perfect reality of our nation. A nation that is stuck in its traditional practices that go against human rights.


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