19-Year-Old Indian Wrestler Wins Silver At World Wrestling Championship, Creates History.

08 Oct 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

India lacks the skills to compete against other countries when it comes to sports and there are many reasons behind this. But this year has been quite good for India and Indian athletes. During the Tokyo Olympics, we performed better than ever and even got a gold medal. Now taking things forward is Anshu Malik, a 19-year-old wrestler, who made India proud by winning a silver at the world wrestling championship 2021. With this, she has become the first-ever Indian woman to ever achieve this. Anshu has made us proud and with this win, she has made sure that the baton of Indian pride is passed on to people who truly deserve it. 

But whenever India wins a medal in any world championship, the one question that always comes up is that why such a less number of athletes make it to the international games? And the answer is the same. Because India doesn't invest much in sports and the athletes here have to train with fewer resources as compared to their international counterparts. Many Indian athletes have even had to pay for their diet. On top of it, our culture doesn't really promote sports and encourages young, talented kids to make a career in sports. Amidst all this, if an athlete arrives at an international sports event, it's a cause for a much larger celebration.  


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