14-Yo Entrepreneur Breaks The Market With Her Innovative Learning Tools For Toddlers

31 Jul 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

The development of a child concerns all the parents. It is the first stage of learning for kids or infants. During this time of infancy, the cerebral cortex develops at a very high pace. It impacts the amount of information the brain will hold in a generation. Though, when new parents are sure that their children receive the requirements of warmth, food, and care, not enough conversation is saved around brain development. Little Avantika creates that chance for the kids and their parents. At her age, when she is still a kid, she became an entrepreneur and create an innovative learning tool for infants. It is really a great invention. Using her creativity, the young entrepreneur has made these tools colorful and fun to use. This also needs no explanation that any of the student’s own learning was ever negotiated. Avantika considers herself to be a conscientious learner who likes to stick to her tasks. She agrees this project has taught her the importance of time management and the route of growth in the real world. She is an amazing little example and motivation to every entrepreneur. 


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