A Pune startup is disrupting the market for non-alcoholic beverages one bottle at a time

02 Sep 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

A startup in Pune, Umami Brew is all set to disrupt the market for non-alcoholic beverages by serving a kind of fermented tea called Kombucha. Despite the pandemic, Umami Brew’s subscriptions are increasing rapidly. The company is based in California and has a production capacity of 30k-40k bottles per month. With increasing health consciousness among people, people are switching to non-alcoholic beverages like juices, etc. it will always be a growing trend in India as it is an acquired taste for Indians who have a tradition of fermented drinks. Restaurants and health food cafes in the city were the first to see the potential of the drink. The beverage is refreshing, packed with flavour,s and is good for gut health, claims Cyriac. The company follows a zero-waste policy, the by-products are either composted or used to create other products. 


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