Winter Celebrations Around the Globe!

25 May 2022
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Winter is a season of celebrations around the globe. Many wonderful festivals are lined up in December, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You end up enjoying and celebrating the entire month! So here we bring to you the December Global Holidays 22. So fasten your seat belts and get in the mode of enjoyment! #TWN


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"December, the month of joy, happiness, and to finish what you started!" Indeed! This month brings lots of love and warmth to us. There are joyful hymns, delightful gifts, decorations, and delicious delicacies to warm your heart! What's more, you spread the love by endearing family reunions. It is all so beautiful at Christmas! But do we know that December is much more than just Christmas? December Global Holidays 22 is filled with wonderful festivals. They give us an opportunity to enjoy cool holidays! 

List of Holidays in December!

Are you aware that December is also famous as the 'World of Holidays'? Well, why not, since the month is dotted with parties and celebrations like St. Nicholas Day and Hanukkah. Some are ritualistic, while others are fun and enjoyable! All these events are marked by religious, cultural, and corporate events. Here is a December holidays global list – 

  • St. Nicholas Day

  • Hanukkah

  • St. Lucia Day

  • Winter Solstice

  • Christmas 

  • Kwanzaa 

  • New Year’s Eve

So why should we wait? Let us get absorbed in the Winter Celebrations around the globe -  

St. Nicholas Day - St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on 6th December all around the globe. It marks the death anniversary of a Catholic saint St. Nicholas who gave all the money he had in the service of the people. It is said that the Santa Claus or Christmas Father is a modern version of St. Nicholas only. This festival is popular in small towns and villages of Greece and Russia. On this day the people exchange small gifts like chocolates and candles. Little children leave their shoes with carrots in them, thinking that St Nicholas will take them away and leave gifts in them.

Hanukkah– Hanukkah or Chanukah in Hebrew means 'dedication'. The Jews celebrate it from the 28th of November to the 6th of December. It reaffirms the teachings of Judaism. Every year they mark the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem by lighting a candle each day! They use a 'Menorah' for this purpose! A Menorah is a seven or nine candle holder used in an ancient temple in Jerusalem. Now it has become a symbol of Judaism. They chant Judaic Blessings during the process of lighting the candles.

St Lucia Day - St. Lucia Day is popular in Sweden, Norway, and some areas of Finland where people speak the Swedish Language. It is celebrated on 13th December, in memory of St. Lucy! She was a gentle soul and served the well-being of the people. On this day, the girls wear traditional clothes and wreaths with candles on their heads. This winter celebration 2022 spreads light in the middle of the long dark winter season.

Winter Solstice- It is celebrated from 20th to 23rd December. It is the shortest day in the north and the longest day in the south. The people celebrate this day by lighting bonfires and candles. They want to lure the sun back. They cannot wait to go skating & skiing and get ready for the holiday spirit!

Christmas - So here we are! Christmas is the best of all festivals! As we know, it is the festival where Christians celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. It is a joyous festival celebrated with church service, Christmas Dinner, hymns, get-togethers, and Christmas cakes! It is a time when the elders and children wait for Santa Claus to bring gifts for them! Christmas Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by not only Christians but by every community in the world!

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Kwanzaa– Kwanzaa celebrated on 26th December, is an African American celebration that goes through the entire week. Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase "Matunda ya Kwanzaa," meaning "First Fruits." The people celebrate the harvest season during this time. The African people wear traditional clothes and decorate their houses with vegetables and fruits. They light a Kinara (a candle holder) as a symbol of goodness!

New Year’s Eve - This is another wonderful part of December Global Holidays 22. Celebrated on the night of 31st December, we say GoodBye to the year and welcome the New Year! The festival includes parties, get-togethers, song 'n' dance programs, and bonfires! The people make new resolutions. It is certainly one of the largest December Global Holidays enjoyed by one and all!


Amazing! This is just one word that you find after learning about all these wonderful Winter Celebrations around the globe. They include so many endearing customs and rituals. In addition, their significance makes you wonder with delight! Yes, now, like you, we all wait for the Winter Season and December and get lost in the festive month with our loved ones! So enjoy dear ones! Sayonara!

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