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14 Dec 2021
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Being a designer and seeing your prints sell is like a dream come true. To make that happen Merch by Amazon was introduced to make designers sell their prints on Amazon and get royalty in return. To know more about how can you sell your designs, read till the very end. #ThinkwithNiche


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Do you have a dream to own a small business? Are you a creative designer person? Do you want to make money off your design creativity? Do you want your design to be the center of your small business?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then my friend, you’re in the right place. In this post, I’m going to tell you about how to use amazon services to start your business. I’m going to talk about a very unique service offered by Amazon which will help you earn and grow your side business.

What is Merch?

Have you heard of Merch by Amazon? If yes, very good! If not, then worry not! I’ll guide you through it. Merch by Amazon is an On-Demand printing service offered by Amazon to allow a designer to sell their prints on a product and will provide a royalty per order. For this, you don’t need to have an office or workforce or even an inventory. There’s no upfront cost at all for working with Merch by Amazon. Just upload your prints and choose the product you want it to be printed on and done! Amazon will sell it and will pay you with the royalty you earned after the product got sold. Amazon will only print the given design when someone has ordered the product with that design. Amazon will pay the royalty to the designer on every single order of the designer’s print.

Products Offered for the Prints to Sell

Amazon has a lot to offer to the budding as well as experienced designers so that they can earn from their unique designing skills. A custom t-shirt isn’t the only product they provide for printing. Designers have a lot of products to use for selling their prints. These include:

  • Standard T-shirts (because, why not?)
  • T-shirts (long sleeves)
  • Tote bags (for shopping)
  • Throw pillows
  • Zipped hoodies
  • Phone back covers and cases
  • Sweatshirts
  • Pop sockets for phones
  • Tank tops
  • Raglans (type of a t-shirt)
  • V-neck shirts

The upfront cost of Merch by Amazon

As I’ve told you earlier, you can upload your work directly without any upfront cost. It’s free, and every designer can upload the prints without thinking of the cost of upload. It’s great not to pay for your earnings.

How much can you make on Merch?

Well, there is a lot to consider before estimating your earnings on Merch by Amazon. First and foremost, your designs determine your earnings. Great designs sell faster and, in more volume, so make sure your design is up to that level to make you big bucks. If you have multiple designs uploaded, all the designs will play a major role in increasing your income. Royalties earned are based on the type of product, what is the price, and where is it sold. Amazon will determine the royalty based on various factors like shipping costs, production of the printed product, packaging, etc.

Making a Merch Account on Amazon

You need to have an account before you can start uploading and selling your prints. The process of making an account is fairly simple:

  • Sign in to your Amazon Sellers account and log in.
  • Request for an invitation – Not every seller is selling on amazon. You need to be invited by Amazon to sell. Every seller is not invited, so just fill out the form and hope that you’re are invited.
  • Payment details
  • Tax details
  • Waiting for the approval after invitation request
  • If approved, start selling your prints!

Creating the product for Merch

To make your prints to earn for you, you need to make the product first. For that, you can print your design on any product (told above). You can use multiple software to do this job. GIMP, Pixlr, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop are among some popular options.

After you have created your product, upload the design to the link provided by Amazon. The link will redirect you to your dashboard, where you can upload your work and list them for sale. From this dashboard, the user can “add product” before choosing the type of merch on which they want their design to be printed. After this step, the user can click on “upload work.”

Add a description to your product and fill in the details about your product to make customers aware of what they are exactly buying. Add price, color, and other specifications to make your product appealing. Don’t mislead the customers though, tell them what you are selling.

Before uploading your work and waiting for it to make you money, you need to be clear about the guidelines set by Amazon. Amazon will not take yes for any objectionable content related to anything. Amazon forbids content infringement. Abide by the federal laws of the place where you are selling your merchandise. No controversial prints will be allowed to be up for sale.

After all that you’ve done, let Amazon take care of shipping, and soon you’ll start earning from your prints. Now, you have to focus on expanding your business and making profits beyond your imagination.

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